Naturally, one would think that clipping or shaving your dog during the hot months would be beneficial and keep them cool. Below are reasons why you may not want, or want to shave or clip your dog during the summer:


1) Dogs have no sweat glands (except on the pads), so airflow over the skin is much much less efficient at cooling compared to humans, therefore clipping isn't likely to help air-cooling.

2) Dogs that are in the sun or outside in +25°C heat benefit from the haircoat insulating them from the heat and warm-air conduction/convection.

3) Clipping can be associated skin infections and/or reduced hair regrowth. Winter type dogs such Husky's, Malamutes, etc. often have extremely reduced hair regrowth after significant clipping.

4) Sun can predispose to skin cancer and removing the haircoat allows more UV exposure, therefore increasing risk.


1) If external water is applied, the dog is often in air-conditioning, or if there is a cool surface to lie upon, then a shorter haircut can improve cooling.

2) It can make grooming/bathing much easier in the summer time...when lots of dogs are swimming and running through the woods.

3) It helps maintain skin parasite control as it's much easier to see ticks and fleas on a clipped dog.

4) Certainly not scientific, but many pet owners report that their dog seems "happier" after being clipped or shaved.

We hope this helps you make a decision on whether or not it is beneficial for YOUR dog to be clipped or shaved during the hot summer months.