In this day and age people never want to leave their animals at home when they are travelling, and why would you when you can take them with you almost anywhere! Of course travelling with your animal has some steps that you need to complete before even booking the flight. Our recommendation before booking the flight is to refer to the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) website to know what requirements that country has and what you as the pet owner will need to do.
If you are ever planning on travelling with your pets one thing that is required in almost all the countries, an ISO B microchip. That type of microchip is considered to be an international chip, meaning that it can be read in all countries. If you have an animal that has an old microchip, a new one would need to be implanted and documented that the pet does have two. The other component that is required in all countries is the Rabies Vaccination. Normally the vaccinations will need to given at least 1 month before travel. The microchip should be read at that time as well.

So you have referred to the website, you have all your paperwork ready, and you have booked your flight for the trip, now it’s time to visit your family veterinarian to have us complete the documents for you to take the CFIA in Guelph to have them endorsed by the official veterinarian. It's easiest for your family veterinarian if the paperwork is dropped off ahead of time so that they can have all of the documents filed out properly. With many of the different countries as well, some of the forms need to be printed front and back, or on legal sized paper (8.5”-14”). It is also important to know that all the documents need to be filed out in blue ink, not black.  Your pet’s health check needs to be done no more than 10 days before travel. At that time they will provide you with a health certificate that states the animal is free of any internal and external parasites, as well as the vaccinations being up to date.

If and when you decide to travel with your animal getting a check list made will help your process go smoothly. If you have any questions contact the CFIA, the country that you are travelling to (normally all the requirements are on line), or to call your family veterinarian for more information!

Happy travels!
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