Are all pets required to be up to date on vaccinations? This is very important: This helps ensure that all pets are protected from various infectious diseases and that the boarding facility is free from those diseases. Be wary of facilities that do not require vaccinations or consider them optional. This is especially important for the very contagious Kennel Cough disease.

Is there interaction with other pets? There are certainly pros and cons to this one. Some boarding facilities do not allow face-to-face contact with other dogs, primarily to ensure their safety while some boarding facilities will offer the chance for pets to meet each other and play if they feel comfortable that the dogs will get along.

How much exercise will your pet get? Good boarding facilities take pride that they can offer many long walks throughout the day. For cats, it is important that the boarding staff have dedicated times during their day to interact with their feline guests to make them feel welcome.

Are your requests honoured? Have a special toy you would like to leave? Want your pet to have 3 meals a day instead of 2? Would you prefer special treats to be given throughout the day? These are some examples that set the best boarding facilities apart from others - An excellent boarding facility will accommodate your requests!

Is there a simple fee structure? Simple is best — one fee for the best services. It can be quite confusing sorting our all of the “extras” and you may feel obligated to choose those so that your pet can have a comfortable stay. Not to mention all those extra fees certainly add up.

Is their facility air conditioned and Climate Controlled? Very important, especially in the warm summer months. At Kingsdale, we like to make sure our guests are comfortable :)

Are they cat friendly? It would be wise to make sure that your feline companion is away from dogs during their stay in the facility. It is important that your cat has a quiet and comfortable stay and barking dogs can certainly cause excessive stress.

What do they do in case of a medical emergency? One of the major benefits with boarding at a veterinary hospital. Kennel staff can quickly notify a veterinarian to attend to your pet should your pet require attention. If not boarding at an veterinary hospital - do they ask for the name of your veterinarian at admittance so that they may contact them should there be a medical emergency?

Should you keep your cat at home while you’re away? Many people think that simply supplying extra amounts of food and water will suffice while you are away. While this is acceptable for periods up to 24 hours, there are concerns when they are left alone longer. Should boarding your cat at a professional boarding facility not be an option, please have someone you trust check on him/her at least twice daily.

We hope this mini-guide to Dog & Cat Boarding was helpful. If you have any other questions or would like to book your pet for a stay at our Professional Boarding Facility please Contact Us by any means.

Kingsdale Animal Hospital Boarding: “We can ensure a comfortable stay while you’re away!”