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COVID Hospital Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm | Saturday: 8am-4pm
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Important Information during the COVID-19 outbreak

A lot has changed in the world over the past couple years. What hasn't changed in that time though, is the level of care and dedication we have for our patients. We continue to offer the best service from all of our team members every day.
We are excited to announce that we can now allow one client to be present for your pet's appointment!

We understand the difficulty of working with a curbside protocol and know it has been difficult for our clients but was a necessary step to take at the time. We want you and your pet to feel comfortable with us and our services, so we've made this change in an effort to make things easier for you. We look forward to seeing you in person again!

Food and medications can be prepaid and picked up in our vestibule area for your convenience. 

Kingsdale Animal Hospital is committed to safety. During these unprecedented times, we are making adjustments to our hospital operations to ensure the safety of all of our clients, patients, and staff.

Our current COVID protocol is designed to help keep our clients and staff safe

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!