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With available laser pet surgery

Pet Surgical Services

At our animal hospital, we can perform many surgical procedures to help your pet. Our goal is to provide them with a comfortable experience and close attention to pain management.
Pet Surgery Details and instructions
Pets are a major part of many families and they deserve the best medical care. When it comes to surgery for your pet, you want the best surgeon available. You want a surgeon who is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a proven track record of success. Kingsdale Animal Hospital provides pet surgery services with a team of highly trained and experienced veterinarians.
Kingsdale Animal Hospital in Kitchener is fully equipped to perform most surgeries. Prior to surgery, your pet will undergo a detailed physical examination by your Kingsdale veterinarian to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the anesthesia and procedure. After making your appointment, please visit our Pet Surgery Details and Instructions page.

Kingsdale Offers Laser Surgery

Using the latest advancements in pet surgery

Most surgical procedures can be performed with the laser. Laser surgery aids in reducing pain and swelling, reducing chances of infection and significantly less bleeding due to its unique properties. Laser surgery is very popular among pet owners due to its cost-effectiveness, faster healing and quick recovery times!
Pet surgery in Kitchener
IV fluids

All Pets Receive Intravenous Fluids (IV)

There's no compromise in safety

For the safety and well-being of all pets, all of our surgical patients are placed on Intravenous Fluids (IV). This ensures adequate blood pressure is maintained and reduces any dehydration from the anaesthesia. Intravenous fluids (IV) also aides in a faster and smooth recovery.

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All Pets Are Monitored by a Reg. Vet Tech

Unparalleled anaesthetic monitoring

Your pet will be monitored throughout the procedure by a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) to ensure your pet remains safe and comfortable during anesthesia and the procedure. These include, but not limited to: Heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature and more. During recovery, our surgical patients are placed on a warm, heated blanket to enhance patient experience.

Some of the Procedures Kingsdale Animal Hospital Can Perform:

Lump Removal
Cruciate Repair (ACL repair)
Abscess Treatment
Anal Gland Removal
Luxating Patella Repair
Aural Hematoma Repair
Ear Flush
Hernia Repair
Cherry Eye Repair and other ocular procedures
dog and cat
For more complicated procedures and for procedures that require specialized equipment, a veterinarian specializing in surgery may be booked to perform the procedure within our hospital. Some examples include: TPLO surgery for torn ACLs and cruciate, perineal urethrostomies, simple fracture repair and more.