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Kingsdale Animal Hospital Healthcare Team

The healthcare team is a very important and integral aspect of a Veterinary Hospital & Clinic. Kingsdale Animal Hospital employs personable and truly caring individuals who have the patients best interest at heart. In addition, our healthcare team and staff promotes effective client communication and encourages clients to ask questions where needed.


With your Kingsdale veterinarian, you can be assured that you are receiving quality and excellent medical care for your pets. All Kingsdale veterinarians have been trained by and are graduates of the Ontario Veterinary College (University of Guelph). They are up to date on all the current medical knowledge and therapies required to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Veterinary technicians (rvt)

The role of a veterinary technician is closely equivalent to a human nurse in the duties they perform. They are educated and trained professionals that provides them with the theory and practical skills required to provide excellent medical care to their patients here at Kingsdale.

client and support staff

Our client and patient services staff members provide an integral part of our hospital. They are responsible for the comfort of our patients in the hospital and boarding facility as well as providing exemplary customer service for our clients.


The role of our managers are to oversee the day to day operations of the veterinary practice. Qualities for those holding this position include maturity, integrity and respect.
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