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Premium pet boarding

Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats in Kitchener

Have your pet stay in our Award-Winning pet boarding facility for dogs, cats, and other small pets. We can ensure a safe and comfortable environment.
Finding a good pet boarding service for your pet can be challenging. You want to make sure they’re safe, you want them to have fun, and you want them to be comfortable. Kingsdale animal hospital is here for you. We'll give your pet an amazing place to stay while you’re away from home and we take care of them like they’re our own.
In addition to providing the best veterinary care, Kingsdale Animal Hospital is an award winning boarding and kennel facility that offers the best comfortable boarding and kennel accommodations for all your pets here in Kitchener - Waterloo and Cambridge! Our goal is to offer the best boarding stay for your pet. We have heated and air conditioned kennels to maximize comfort for our guests. Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets and birds! Kingsdale Pet Boarding will provide the best stay for your pet while you’re away!

Serving the Kitchener Waterloo Region | Full Service & All Inclusive


Award Winning Pet Boarding. Good service. Happy guests.

We love pets too! That's why your pet will be looked after by people who are passionate about animals. They'll take good care of them and give you peace-of-mind knowing that they're safe with us!
All dogs are walked several times throughout the day and have ongoing interaction with our animal care attendants
Cats enjoy their own separate room and have regular socialization sessions with our caring animal attendants
ALL pets receive daily doses of T.L.C. from our caring kennel attendants!
Our average guest to attendant ratio far exceeds an average kitchener pet boarding facility

Kitchener Dog Boarding at its Best

The place where your pet comes first
Our Kitchener dog boarding facility isn't just for dogs. We gladly welcome cats, rabbits and all other pets! Your pet will be constantly monitored by our trained veterinary staff and should any issue arise during their stay with us, we're right here to help. We're here to ensure that your pet feels safe in new surroundings!
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Our Prices & Accommodations

Full service & All-inclusive

Dog Boarding

$37.50 /night
prices range from $34-43 / night
Multiple daily walks
Reduced prices for dogs sharing the same resort
Safe and secure environment
Our average guest to staff ratio far exceeds an average kitchener pet boarding facility
For the safety and well being of all our guests, we require proof of vaccination prior to their stay
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Cat Boarding

$29.50 /night
Constant interaction with our kennel attendants
$21 for additional cat(s) in same space
Daily exercise periods
Multiple daily litter box changes
Our staff can easily administer any medications your cat requires
For the safety and well being of all our guests, we require proof of vaccination prior to their stay
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Rabbit Boarding

$25 /night
A safe environment while you're away
Rabbits and pockets pets are housed away from dogs and cats for their comfort and well-being
Reduced rates for roommates sharing the same space
We welcome all pets! Inquire about pricing for birds, lizards, etc.
To allow for the best possible stay for your small pet, please bring along their regular food
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Peace of Mind
All pets receive individualized care: Dogs go for multiple walks per day, cats receive dedicated interaction times.
VIP Treatment
Genuine compassion and attention to detail is what you can expect from Kingsdale Boarding!
Attention to detail
Every one of our guests receives individualized care. This allows us to tailor to their specific needs.
Caring Staff
Our dedicated Animal Care Attendants love animals and certainly shows in their tasks at work.

With our Pet Boarding Facility: Your Pet Will Love it Here

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