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Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser Therapy [LT], and also known as cold laser, is a relatively new treatment for pain and inflammation in dogs and cats, and is also used to promote healing of wounds and after surgery.

LT can be used to treat arthritis, leg and back injuries, lick granulomas, perianal fistulas, chronic pain and many other disorders. It is especially good for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It can be used along with other pain and arthritis therapies, such as NSAID’s, Cartrophen and joint supplements. It is non-invasive and is performed in an exam room while you are present with your pet. Session times vary based on what we are treating and focusing on. Your pet will feel no discomfort during the treatment [in fact they will likely feel relief during or shortly after the session].

Ask any of our doctors or staff about Laser Therapy for your pet by calling us at 519-896-0532 or emailing us from our Contact Us page.