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The Best Vet Recommended Dog Chews

A very common question we receive is "What is safe for my dog to chew on?". We receive this question because we often learn from owners that what they are giving their dog to chew on and keep occupied are actually dangerous.

There are admittedly more dangerous objects than safe ones when it comes to chew toys. Here is what to look for and what vets recommend when it comes to chews:

Look for the VOHC label

VOHC label for safe dog chews

This logo gives you confidence knowing that not only does the product work as described, but there is also a component of safety that it will not break teeth or cause stomach upset when used as directed. There are many rawhide products that will display this logo on their package.

Kong©, West Paw Inc.© and Orbee© Ball Products

In our experience, these products are the least destructive and also the safest. We have not experienced any dog breaking a tooth when chewing on these products. It is very important however to monitor your dog when chewing and do not offer something that can be easily swallowed.

Here are the top 3 objects that will break your dog's teeth

  • Antlers
  • Nylabones
  • Ice cubes

What about raw-hides, pigs ear and bully sticks? While these will not break teeth necessarily, they can cause severe gastrointestinal illness. This is especially important as these can and will harbor bacterial if left out for many days.